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The Children for Climate Action (C4C) team paid a visit to Agogo Presbyterian School on March 8th, 2023. The objective was to engage students from Junior High School 1 to 3 in a discussion about climate change, its causes, impacts, and effective strategies to mitigate its effects while ensuring environmental sustainability.

The day began with an interactive session led by Sarfoh Danquah, the C4C team lead. The students were first taught a powerful chant, fostering a sense of unity and purpose. Energised and eager, the children then actively participated in a conversation to assess their existing awareness of climate change. The level of engagement and enthusiasm displayed by the students was truly heartening, reflecting their genuine desire to deepen their understanding and take action to protect the environment.

To further enhance awareness, the students were provided with educational materials. These resources will serve as valuable tools to broaden their knowledge and inspire them to become advocates for environmental sustainability. 



Enoch Anyane

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