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Impact / Ultimate Outcome

Environmental policies in Ghana in line with 1.5 degrees global target


To reduce fossil fuel related emissions through youth inclusion in

-  governance of the natural resources and

- formulation, implementation and review of existing environmental sector policies, programs, and projects from local to national level.

Thematic Focus

Coal/ Fossil Fuels/Resilience, Renewables, Forestry and Biodiversity

Program 1: Research and Policy Advocacy

Objective: Campaign for Youth responsive climate change and environmental policies and programming

Key Activities

Climate Change (Fossil Fuel/Resilience)

  1. Conduct research on various climate policies such as  National Climate Change Policy of Ghana; National Climate Change & Green Economy Strategy; Climate Change Master Plan; Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs); and National Climate Adaptation Strategy (NCAS). 
  2. Develop briefs and position papers on how climate solutions can be youth responsive as well as showcasing what young people can offer in the fight against climate change and promoting environmental sustainability.
  3. Distribute briefs, position papers and other advocacy materials to relevant state and non-state actors.
  4. Leverage social media to and organize campaigns to demand more commitment from the government.

Renewable Energy

  1. Make inputs from the youth perspective on energy related issues
  2. Develop briefs to influence national policies on renewable energy development
  3. Organise social media campaigns to remind government of commitments made

Biodiversity & Forestry

  1. Organise social media campaigns or publish press statements on International Day of Biodiversity to demand more commitment from government
  2. Provide inputs into CSOs engagement with the state from the youth perspective

Program 2: Youth Engagement

Objective: Build the capacity and engage the youth as change agents in climate and other environmental actions

Key Activities

Youth Engagement (focused on broader impacts of climate change on youth)

  1. Train youth leaders in selected communities on climate change and how they can adapt to its adverse impact.
  2. Create the space or platform for representatives of state actors/ local governments  to educate or sensitize our platform members
  3. Work with other CSOs to mobilize young people for climate & other environmental actions - street march, non- violent demonstrations, especially around key international environment days
  4. Leverage social media to spread the message